Orange County, Virginia

Code of Ordinances


Sec. 54-10. - Subdivision agent.

The subdivision agent is hereby delegated the authority and power to administer this chapter and, in so acting, shall be considered the agent of the board of supervisors. Such agent shall have the power and duty to interpret this chapter, to review and approve plats subject to this chapter, to carry out the ministerial functions prescribed in this chapter, and to investigate alleged violations of this chapter.

     (Ord. of 3-9-2010)


Sec. 54-11. - Duties.

The duties of the subdivision agent shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Virginia and this chapter. The subdivision agent or his designee shall maintain copies of all mapped dam break inundation zones.

    (Ord. of 3-9-2010; Ord. of 6-28-2011(7))

Sec. 54-12. - Procedures.

In addition to regulations contained herein, the subdivision agent, subject to the review of the planning commission and approval of the board of supervisors, may from time to time establish procedures as deemed necessary for the proper administration of this chapter.

      (Ord. of 3-9-2010)


Sec. 54-13. - Dedication for public use.

No easement or right-of-way on any plat of subdivision shall be accepted for dedication for public use until the proposed dedication is formally accepted by the subdivision agent and signed approval is shown on the instrument to be recorded. Such approval shall not be given by the subdivision agent until any such easement or right-of-way complies with all requirements of VDOT and such other requirements as the board of supervisors may impose for public streets, utilities, and drainage. Approval of any final subdivision plat shall not be deemed acceptance by the board of supervisors or other public entity of any street or utility shown on the plat for maintenance, repair, or operation unless acceptance is expressly indicated on the final plat.

    (Ord. of 3-9-2010)


Sec. 54-14. - Fees.

There shall be a charge for the examination and approval of every plat and plan reviewed by the subdivision agent. At the time of application, the subdivider shall pay a fee in accordance with the current fee schedule as set by ordinance of the board of supervisors.

        (Ord. of 3-9-2010)


Sec. 54-15. - Amendments.

For the purpose of protecting the public health, safety, and general welfare, the planning commission may from time to time propose amendments to this chapter for consideration by the board of supervisors at a public meeting following proper public notice and public hearings pursuant to Code of Virginia, § 15.2-2253.

     (Ord. of 3-9-2010)

Sec. 54-16. - Procedure for appeal.

1. When an applicant is aggrieved by the decision of the subdivision agent or the planning commission, he may, within 60 days of the date of notification of such decision, appeal the decision to the circuit court. Such appeal shall comply with all other applicable provisions of law.

2. Appeals of decisions by the subdivision agent regarding request for waivers shall be made to the board of supervisors pursuant to section 54-20

            (Ord. of 3-9-2010)