Orange County, Virginia

Code of Ordinances


 Sec. 14-31. - Definitions.

 The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

 Kennel or pet shop means any establishment for the raising, training, boarding or selling of dogs for hire or profit or where more than five dogs are harbored or kept.

 (Ord. of 6-11-1996, § 23(B))


Sec. 14-32. - License required.

 It shall be unlawful to operate a kennel or pet shop anywhere in the county without first securing a license. The annual fee for such license shall be as specified in section 6-113.

 (Ord. of 6-11-1996, § 23(A))


 Sec. 14-33. - Securing of license tag.

 The owner or custodian of a kennel or pet shop shall securely fasten the license tag required by this article to the kennel enclosure in full view and keep one of the identification plates provided with the tag attached to the collar of each dog authorized to be kept enclosed in the kennel or pet shop. An identification plate not so in use must be kept by the owner or custodian and promptly shown to the animal control officer or other officer upon request. A kennel dog shall not be permitted to stray beyond the limits of the enclosure; but this shall not prohibit removing dogs temporarily while under the control of the owner or custodian for the purpose of exercising, hunting, breeding, trial or show. A kennel or pet shop shall not be operated in such a manner as to defraud the county of the license tax applicable to dogs which cannot be legally covered or to, in any manner, violate other provisions of this article.

 (Ord. of 6-11-1996, § 23(C))


Sec. 14-34. - Conditional use permit required.

 No part of this article shall be construed as affecting, in any way, the provisions of the county zoning ordinance requiring special use permits for certain types of boarding or commercial breeding kennel.

(Ord. of 6-11-1996, § 23)


Sec. 14-35. - Rabies inoculation or vaccination required.

 It shall be unlawful for any dog over four months of age to be housed in a kennel or pet shop anywhere in the county unless such dog has been inoculated or vaccinated against rabies by a duly licensed veterinarian and the owner or custodian of such dog is able to present upon request a certificate of such inoculation or vaccination by a duly licensed veterinarian, which certificate remains valid at the time of presentation. No kennel license tags shall be issued unless such valid certification of inoculation or vaccination against rabies is presented to the treasurer at the time application for license is made. The treasurer shall retain in his office the individual license tags for kennel dogs until evidence must be preserved by the owner or custodian for each dog currently housed in the kennel or pet shop and promptly shown to the animal control officer or other officer upon request.

 (Ord. of 6-11-1996, § 23)


 Secs. 14-36—14-65. - Reserved.